Meet The Perfect Candidate

Here to shift our national conversation from short-term problems to long-term solutions, The Perfect Candidate is powered by insights gathered from over 125,000 everyday Australians.

Driven by data, not bias.

From the coffee we drink to the people we date, humans all carry unconscious bias. Our leaders are no different – the decisions they make aren’t always objective. The Perfect Candidate is different.

Shaped entirely by the data of real Australians, The Perfect Candidate is a true reflection of the nation’s top concerns. They might not be a real person, but they are a voice of the people. Of you, your loved ones, your community and your nation.

Empowering Australians

Great leaders don’t wield their power, they share it. And that’s what makes The Perfect Candidate so perfect. By sharing the data they’ve gathered, they’re helping people like you hold our leaders accountable. After all, knowledge is power and when shared, that power multiplies.

Together, we can #changetheconversation and create the future we want.

The Australian Futures Project

The Perfect Candidate is powered by the Australian Futures Project. Dedicated to ending short-termism in Australia, we envision a nation where all parts of society demand and work constructively toward decisions and actions that balance the immediate and long-term needs of the country.

Political, not partisan.

The Australian Futures Project is not-for-profit and non-partisan. While our initiatives are politically-focused, we’re not affiliated to any parties. We’re solely focused on Australia’s future and we know that change won’t come from our politicians and leaders alone. The lack of action on important long-term issues is holding Australia back and we all have a role to play. Together, we can change the conversation.

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The Perfect Candidate is driven by data, but was built by a big team of supporters.

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Part of the global Dentsu Aegis Network, Isobar deliver experience-led transformation, powered by creativity. As the creative and technology partner of the Australian Futures Project, Isobar delivered the concept of The Perfect Candidate along with the design and technical development of the website and its associated collateral.

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Cox Inall Change

Cox Inall Change is an award-winning behavioural change public relations agency, with extensive experience working with government and the not-for-profit sector. The agency brought The Perfect Candidate to life by seeding stories through social and traditional media, working with political journalists and key influencers, and providing comprehensive data insights at a national and state level across various media channels.

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Roy Morgan

Roy Morgan is the pre-eminent and longest established market research company in Australia, with an unparalleled reputation as the nation’s single source of truth. Given its reputation for truth and trust, Roy Morgan also conducts landmark social research for the Australian government. Roy Morgan provided the underlying data and strategic advice for The Perfect Candidate.

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The Centre for Data Analytics and Cognition at the La Trobe University Business School

La Trobe University is the founding academic partner of the Australian Futures Project. The Centre for Data Analytics and Cognition at the La Trobe University Business School supported The Perfect Candidate on a pro bono basis by creating data visualisation dashboards to enable easier analysis of the Roy Morgan data.

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